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Dual Accredited Diploma in Individual Eyelash Extension Course (LIMITED TIME OFFER)

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Training Kit (Optional)


The eyelash extensions are a semi – permanent treatment which last between 8 to 12 weeks with regular maintenance appointments. The extensions will add volume, thickness and length to the natural eyelash. Extensions come in various lengths, colours and thicknesses, and can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming.

Subjects we cover on this course.

  • Health & Safety

  • Client Care & Consultation

  • Anatomy Of The Eye

  • Anatomy Of The Skin

  • Contra Indications

  • Client Consultation

  • Client Medical Form

  • Application Techniques

  • Patterns & Placement 

  • Advanced Techniques

  • Touch Ups - Infills

  • Colour Blending - Using  Coloured Lashes

  • Swarovski Crystals Application

  • Aftercare Advice

  • Removal Process


Client Consultation Form Template Included!


On successful completion of your course you will receive your, Internationally Recognised IICT Diploma.

Our courses have been approved by IICT in 26 countries worldwide!


Our compact WonderLash Starter Kit contains all the required items for eyelash extension applications including eyelash extension glue, remover, primer, and all application tools. This professional kit is ideal for any eyelash artist starter or training school.


All the products in the kit are from our WonderLash Professional Eyelash Extension brand which is best known for classic eyelash extension and high quality. Start your professional eyelash journey with us!


  • FairyFix Master Glue (3g)

  • FairyFix Primer (10ml)

  • FairyFix Orange Gel Remover (10g)


  • WonderLash Premium Mink Eyelashes Mix Tray

  • WonderLash Premium Silk Eyelashes Mix Tray


  • LashArt Curved Tweezers

  • LashArt Straight Tweezers

  • LashArt Signature Glue Vials

  • LashArt Eyelash Ruler

  • LashArt Sleek Lash Definer


  • LashArt Finepore Tape

  • LashArt Fat Brush (25pcs)

  • LashArt Wide Face Lint-Free Applicator (25pcs)

  • LashArt Eye Pad Sample Pack (6pairs)

  • All items subject to availability and may be replaced with a similar item if not available.


How do I complete this online course?

  • After payment, you will have instant access to our training portal where you will find your course training manuals, demonstration videos & assessment details

  • You will need to provide photographic evidence of your practical work & answer a short theory exam.

  • Your assessments will be securely stored on our server.

  • Providing you have reached the required standard, your certificate will be available for instant.

  • Any student not reaching the required standard to receive their certificate will be given guidance from our tutor on how to improve their work and will be able to to re-submit their assessment free of charge.

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What certificate do you get after completing the course?

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