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Spray Tanning Course


Designed by industry experts for complete beginners, our online spray tanning course gives you all the skills required to competently offer professional spray tans to paying clients. Allowing you to gain professional insurance so you can start working & making money straight away! 


As part of the course, you will have full access to detailed course materials including your specially designed course manual which includes a full step by step guide. Demo videos will show you both vertical & horizontal tanning techniques.


Your spray tanning course will cover,


  • Health & Safety 

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • DHA & Skin Types

  • Client Pre Tanning Advice

  • Contraindications

  • Client Aftercare Advice

  • Preparing To Spray Tan

  • Tanning Positions

  • Step By Step Spray Tanning Procedure


Client Consultation Form Template Included!


On successful completion of your course you will receive your, Internationally Recognised IICT Diploma.

IICT Membership not only provides you with affiliation with our internationally recognised professional body, it gives you access to our huge network of allied health & beauty professionals in 26 countries. 

Become a IICT member today & get professional liability insurance from only £39 per year! 

Follow the IICT link at the bottom of our website! 

How do online beauty courses work?


Once you have purchased your course/s you will receive an email from your tutor within 24 hours containing your,


  • Training Manual/s

  • Online Demo Videos Including Both Horizontal & Vertical Spray Tanning Techniques.

  • Assessment Details


Your tutor will explain how you should work through your course & how to submit your evidence for assessment. On successful completion of your work you will be issued with your diploma certificate which is currently approved by IICT in 26 countries worldwide!

To PASS this course you will need to score 75% + on your theory exam & submit before & after photographic evidenvce of your work including,

  • 2 x Spray Tans

If you don't pass first time don't worry your tutor will provide you with feedback & you can retake your assessments again. We have no time limits so you can progress at your own pace when your ready!


How do I complete this online course?

  • After payment, you will have instant access to our training portal where you will find your course training manuals, demonstration videos & assessment details

  • You will need to provide photographic evidence of your practical work & answer a short theory exam.

  • Your assessments will be securely stored on our server.

  • Providing you have reached the required standard, your certificate will be available for instant.

  • Any student not reaching the required standard to receive their certificate will be given guidance from our tutor on how to improve their work and will be able to to re-submit their assessment free of charge.

Some of our students review on Facebook

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What certificate do you get after completing the course?

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