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34% OFF Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Course

This new method of applying hair extensions uses ultrasonic waves to soften the keratin of the tip of the nail tip bond from the inside out. The Ultrasonic Iron will melt all types of glues without the use on any heat. It produce both a flat bond or traditional rice shapes bond. This method is ideal for fine/thin hair. 


Your training handbook, This ultimate hair extensions book of knowledge will guide you through every aspect of

your course including,


  • Structure Of The Skin ​

  • Skin Disorders

  • Skin Analysis

  • Health & Safety

  • Client Consultation

  • What Is Microdermabrasion

  • Contraindications Of Microdermabrasion

  • Benefits Of Microdermabrasion

  • Preparing The Clients Skin

  • Performing The Treatment 

  • Microdermabrasion, Massage & Face Masks

  • The Importance Of Wearing SPF

  • Aftercare Advice

What's included in my training kit? (Purchase Separately)

  • Training Handbook

  • Online Training Video

  • Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Machine

  • Training Head

  • Pre-bonded hair extensions bonds

  • Acetone (For removal of bonds)

  • Removal Pliers

  • Sectioning Clips

  • Pin Tail Comb 

  • Razor & Scissors

  • Consultation Form Template

  • Aftercare Form Template

Prerequisites: None, this course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn how to perform Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion.


Certificate / Accreditation:


On successful completion of your course you will receive your,

Internationally Recognised IICT Diploma Certificate.

​IICT Membership not only provides you with affiliation with our internationally recognised professional body, it gives you access to our huge network of allied health & beauty professionals in 26 countries. 

Become a IICT member today & get professional liability insurance from only £39 per year! 

Follow the IICT link at the bottom of our website! 


Your tutor will explain how you should work through your course & how to submit your evidence for assessment. On successful completion of your work you will be issued with your diploma certificate which is currently approved by IICT in 26 countries worldwide!


If you don't pass first time don't worry your tutor will provide you with feedback & you can retake your assessments again. We have no time limits so you can progress at your own pace when your ready!

How do I complete this distance learning course?


  • You will be sent your hair extensions training manual via email within 24 hours.

  • Your course materials are sent to you via courier delivery (International purchases require 3-7 days for delivery depending on location)

  • You will also receive the detailed criteria for your practical assessment & theory assessment.

  • Once you have worked your way through the training manual and watched our free training videos you can then complete your practical assessment on a training head or live model & answer the questions on your theory exam paper. Once completed you will need to send both photographic evidence of your practical work & your exam paper back to our tutors for assessment.

  • Providing you have reached the required standard your certificate will be sent to you straight away.

  • Anyone not reaching the required standard to receive their certificate will be given guidance from our tutor how to improve their work and will be able to to re-submit their assessment free of charge.

  • Purchase of the course alone without submitting your assessments does NOT provide you with a qualification. Please be sure to submit both your practical & theory assessments in order to gain your IICT Approved Diploma.

On completion of your course you will be able to register for a trade account with

Euphoria One Hair Extensions.

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